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Determination and Focus

Meet Jodi!

Jodi is an inspiration to many. In November of 2018 Jodi began her journey with Pilates at Core Connection Pilates and has fallen in love with working out and taking care of herself again.

On her personal journey to health and wellness Jodi has made significant progress by losing over 45 pounds while strengthening and toning muscles. As a result she has reduced her stress and anxiety!

Her determination and focus on fitness and nutrition with the help of Nuview Nutrition have led to amazing results and now she feels more energized to play with her daughter and ride her horse again (riding better than ever too). Nuview Nutrition is a functional medicine nutritionist that specializes in reversing and delaying chronic illness and weight management.

The knowledge she gained through Pilates and nutrition will not only help her physically but will give her important techniques she can apply to everyday life. Pilates focuses on breathing techniques that can help keep her calm during life's stressful situations.

Jodi also participates in multiple Mat Fitness & Yoga classes offered at Core Connection Pilates: Balls, Bands & Bosu, Mat Mix Up, Tabata and Slow Flow/Yin to name a few.

Way to go Jodi!


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