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Made A Memorable Milestone!

Today was my 20th Pilates class.

As I am reflecting over the past three months, I have to say there are some distinct improvements already. I am especially aware in the areas of balance, posture and flexibility. Having had back surgery a number of years ago, I had noticed certain limitations in my balance. An overall feeling of trepidation when navigating uneven terrain, like when hiking, or even just going up and down the stairs. I knew, from painful and embarrassing experiences, that I was not always able to “catch myself” or regain my balance if I stumbled. This had really dampened my spirits about having the kind of vibrant, outdoorsy, active life that I had envisioned for myself.

As I approached my 56th birthday I really wanted to be sure that I was at least trying to stay active over the winter months. I had always wanted to try Pilates so I decided to sign up and I absolutely love it!

I took my grandkids rollerskating two weeks ago and I actually put some skates on and creeped around the rink three times. I know I would not have done that had I not been experiencing the improvements that have come to my body and mind through Pilates. Yes I wibbled and wobbled and have a long way to go to get back to confidently rolling around the rink. But I was able to catch myself when I lost my balance!

I’m looking forward to continuing, and I appreciate the instructors at Core Connection so much. Their explanations, direction, attention to detail and gentle humor have helped me regain my mind, body and spirit connection.



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