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Pilates Is My Happy Place

If someone had told me 20 years ago that movement was the key to happiness, I would not have been able to fully comprehend the concept. Today I know it to be true from personal experience and my work with hundreds of clients.

"Movement is medicine, transforming the body and mind into an evolved state of wellness" – Erin Fenoll

Consistent movement of the body and focused breathing is vital to a healthy lifestyle. My story highlights how lack of movement, working 12+ hour days, raising two young children, regularly eating unhealthy meals and dealing with Crohn’s disease can take a toll on one’s health.

I needed a change.

Erin Fenoll, Core Connection Pilates

I signed up for a Reformer Pilates session, not knowing exactly what to expect, but discovered from my first Pilates experience the incredible feeling and strength I had. I was captivated by the breathing, the movement, and stress relief I felt afterwards. The more involved I got in the practice, the more I realized the depth of the impact it had on my life.

Little did I know I was beginning to find my Happy Place.

Over the years I have been blessed to see the impact of similar feelings and stories from my clients.

Training to become a Pilates instructor was one of the most impactful decisions of my life. It moves me to see my clients getting stronger, healthier and having more energy. Stepping inside the studio brings me energy, joy, and fulfillment!

As Core Connection Pilates celebrates our 8-year anniversary this month, I reflect on the evolution of the studio and my personal journey. We believe Pilates can be life-changing and truly is for EveryBODY and all skill levels.

Our goal when working with clients is for them to leave feeling strengthened, lengthened and reaching a relaxed state as a result of an hour of focused breathing. Pilates breath activates the core more deeply and brings a balanced and calm effect we all need in this fast-paced world.

Our clients have helped build a sense of community with strong bonds of friendship between clients and with myself and our amazing team of instructors. People come for a great workout but also for the camaraderie. A client new to Pilates recently said after her first few sessions “I didn’t realize that I would love it so much” which made me smile. This simple statement sums it up for many people who feel the same.

Core Connection Pilates studio

I am pleased to announce we have recently added more reformers to the studio, doubling our capacity from when the doors first opened. Class sizes remain small, which is critical to maintain a more intimate setting where the instructor can have eyes on all clients, correcting form and making adjustments throughout each session to ensure proper alignment and a more individualized approach.

Have you found the movement that makes you happy?

If you’re searching for your Happy Place, come give Reformer Pilates a try at Core Connection Pilates!


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