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Pilates classes in Clarkston Michigan

pilates equipment sessions

Monthly membership $279

Monthly auto-pay. Up to 12 sessions per month.

30 days notice required to cancel membership


Group equipment session

A 55 minute, 3 person class that allows each individual to workout utilizing STOTT PILATES® equipment such as reformers, chairs and towers.


Some experience requested.

We highly recommend anyone new to using Pilates equipment book a new client special private session prior to their first group class.

Private Pilates Classes in Clarkston Michigan

Semi-private equipment session

A session that allows two people with similar experience to exercise together with a workout tailored to both.


Requires two people to sign up together.


These classes are listed in the Appointments tab on the MindBody app. Select the Private Pilates Equipment dropdown option.

Private Pilates Reformer Class

Private equipment session

A one on one session with an instructor who has tailored a workout specific to your physical needs using a variety of equipment.

These classes are listed in the Appointments tab on the MindBody app. Select the Private Pilates Equipment dropdown option.

Mat Pilates in Clarkston Michigan

fitness classes


Mat Barre


Delivering a fusion of ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength training in each workout. Alternating between standing at the barre and mat-based exercises, class consists of low impact/high repetition movements, with small isometric exercises to sculpt your entire body. 


Other equipment is sometimes used in addition to the barre, such as resistance bands, yoga straps, exercise balls and hand weights. Designed for wide range of fitness levels, ages and bodies and no dance experience is needed.

Lauryn teaches Mat Barre Mix Up 

on Friday at 8:45am

Read more about Lauryn and register for her class here.

TRX Group


Performance Training with Josh.

Josh launched Conquer Fitness is to develop high quality, metric driven, results oriented training programs that improve a participant's health, mind and body.



Monday & Wednesday at 10am

TRX Group Classes!




Our gently flowing Yoga class can accommodate many different body types and experience levels as Anne shows modifications for more advanced poses.


Most sessions will incorporate pranayama (breathing exercises), a little vinyasa (flowing postures with breath control), and a wide variety of classic hatha yoga postures. Short, guided meditations are incorporated as time permits.


Please bring a Yoga mat, blanket, and eye pillow if you have one.

Saturday at 9:30am - Gentle Flow

email Anne at

to book a class or if you have any questions