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Couples Equipment Pilates

I was personally impressed with Pilates Reformer but I wanted my husband to experience it with me too. The first time he came he felt under pressure just to make me happy. Prior to our session he exclaimed he would only be attending once just to get me off his back. After we finished our session told me that it was wasn't that bad and that he liked the stretches and thinks it can make him stronger.

He continued to come with me every week. As our lessons progressed, he soon noticed that he was far more flexible and I noticed that his posture improved. Not long after that his tennis elbow had disappeared and he was happy to ditch his elbow brace! In addition to his tennis game improving his lateral movements did as well.

He has now been a Pilates fan for years and only misses a session if he is sick or out of town. I like it because we are doing something fun and healthy together!

I, myself have been going to Pilates Reformer sessions faithfully for the last five years. I was involved in a severe car accident and had a past ski injury that left my knee troublesome. Intense cardio is difficult for me and I needed to find a gentle but safe way to workout. I followed the instructor’s advice and started coming faithfully to Core Connection Pilates several times a week.

I noticed as the weeks and months went on I was becoming stronger and far more flexible. It also has helped me alleviate some of my other preexisting pain concerns. I admit that I have some insecurities about my body as I am not a thin woman but I felt very welcomed at the studio. There are all ages and sizes of women at the studio and you don't have to be model perfect to do Pilates. All of the instructors are very caring and knowledgeable and are able to modify the routine based on my abilities.

Some might think Pilates is a luxury. I don't see it that way. I view it as a wonderful gift to myself and I feel that I am well worth it!

Happy Core Connection Pilates Clients


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